Connect the Dots Essays

A pervasive mindset, conscious or unconscious, underlies most human-caused violence, exploitation, and oppression:

Me and those like me are better and more important than others.  Our feelings, wants, needs, desires, and very lives are worth more than ‘theirs.’

Connect the Dots Essays is a forthcoming collection of essays exploring the above mindset, often referred to as the commonality of oppression. While highlighting the indisputable links between human, animal, and environmental well-being, authors, activists, and experts from human rights, animal rights, and environmental justice movements share their personal journeys, their “ah-ha!” moments, in connecting the dots. They explain how seemingly disparate issues are indeed connected, and provide practical guidance about how to create the individual, systems, and social change necessary to effectively address these problems. Connect the Dots Essays both teaches about the connections and tells those who connect the dots that they are not alone. Overall, the book helps to foster a connectionist movement - a movement of individuals who reject the false dichotomies dividing movements and who are dedicated to working comprehensively toward a peaceful and just world for ALL.

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