Striving for Emotional Justice

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The Connect the Dots (CtD) team strives for emotional justice.  Especially as we build and grow, it’s important that we attend to this pressing issue.   This recent article explores the concept and proposes 6 reason why the activist community struggles with emotional justice.

This article spoke to me in several different ways.  First, I couldn’t have resonated more with #6, ideological violence.  I write somewhat frequently on my personal blog about my work within social justice movements and how we seem to be doing more to destroy each other than to dismantle the injustices.  It’s unbelievably sad to me that the very power-0ver ideology that feeds oppression so rules our anti-oppression worlds.  We at CtD understand that we are all vulnerable to this and commit to being as introspective, accountable, and authentic as possible so that we can avoid falling into this trap.  We invite you to join us on this journey.

Second, though this article was clearly written from a human rights perspective, I thought about how it applies beyond that realm.  We can all identify with concepts like ideological violence and the imperative need to feel emotionally safe, free from trauma, and able to transfer pain into power.  This goes for humans doing social justice work along all spectrums (human, animal, and environment), as well as for all of those for whom we are working.  Emotional justice should be not only something we strive to experience as activists, but something we strive to make accessible to ALL.  Who doesn’t deserve emotional justice?

We hope that Connect the Dots contributes to building a world in which emotional justice is a reality for all.  We intend to encourage this in others and to facilitate the work in all realms.

A peaceful and just world for all necessitates emotional justice.




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